ketchum-svI’ve mentioned location elsewhere, but here is where I dig in. Bridgepoint #4 is at 401 Second Ave. So., about midway between River Run Plaza and The Pioneer restaurant.It’s just under a half-mile walk home after cocktails at the Sawtooth Club. And, it’s pretty much the same distance to River Run Plaza, for skiing, a summer concert or to catch the Bald Mountain trails. It’s also just a 1/4 mile from the amazing Sun Valley trail system. If you’re looking to get to Sun Valley or Warm Springs, there’s a bus stop a few feet away on Second Ave.

Ketchum/Sun Valley can be managed without a car, and I wanted that option while I lived there. I used to work downtown and loved walking with my dog to work everyday. I walked to the chair at River Run, skis over my shoulder, across the big parking lot, and to the Bald Mountain Trail at the base of River Run, in the summer. Warm Springs is nice in the winter, and is as close to ski-in, ski-out as Sun Valley offers, but it’s a ghost town at night and in the summer. The Sun Valley Village and surrounding condos have great views of Baldy, and are a short walk / bike ride to the Lodge. But both Warm Springs and Sun Valley almost necessitate a car if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the bus.

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