Meet the Team

tor-jensen-500I met Tor Jensen back in the early 90’s. His older sister, Kristy, was my roommate and a great friend. After buying Bridgepoint #4, Tor actually lived in the condo for a period of time, and began his career in construction and project management. So, when it came time to redo #4, I hunted down Tor, who still lives in Hailey with his wife Liv, and two daughters. Tor is now a Project Manager for Lee Gilman Builders, one of the valley’s most respected and successful contractors.

lily-500Tor brought in Lily Corrock, a native of the Wood River Valley, to help us with administration of the project. Lily has been instrumental in both planning and design. The entire project has been managed and constructed without our presence, and Lily has contributed greatly to our decision-making.

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