Sawtooth Lakes

DSC_0916Head north on Highway 75, up and over Galena Summit and back down into the Sawtooth National Forest. Along the stretch of 75 headed towards Stanley are a series of incredible high-mountain lakes. Back in the day :), I would take my yellow lab on all-day jaunts around these parts, taking in the spectacular terrain that makes up the Sawtooths. Petit, Alturas, Stanley and other smaller lakes are flanked by impressively tall and jagged rock. Everything is crisp from the sky to the air to the clear-water lakes.

We headed to the most well-known and developed of the lakes, Redfish. Redfish has a lodge on the opposite end of the Grand Mogul peak, with a restaurant and outdoor snack shack, a beach and access to several water-sports. There’s hiking and biking, of course, as well as several campsites that get snapped up the minute they become available. It’s not where you go to get away from it all, but it’s a great way to enjoy the incredible scenery and have access to indoor plumbing. Sadly, we couldn’t stay long enough for the live music, but we’ll be back.

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